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Ann and Nancy are two of the stars that Gibson features in their Nashville Flood Relief PSA Videos.

Ann and Nancy will be at the Grammy Museum on Monday for a one in a lifetime show! They will perform an acoustic set, give an interview and answer questions from the 200 lucky attendees.

An Evening With Heart
Benefitting The GRAMMY Museum and MusiCares

Monday, May 24, 2010; 8pm

Join Executive Director Robert Santelli as he interviews rock's greatest sister act, Heart, in the Museum's state-of-the-art GRAMMY Sound Stage. Before an intimate audience of 200, hear Ann and Nancy Wilson in conversation about their chart-storming career and newest album, Red Velvet Car. After the interview, the Wilsons will take questions from the audience and perform a few of their greatest hits and newest songs acoustically.

Doors open at 7:30pm. On sale Friday, May 7, 2010. Tickets are $60 and can be purchased in-person at the Museum Box Office, online at Ticketmaster.com, or by calling 1.800.745.3000. Limit two tickets per purchase. All proceeds benefit The GRAMMY Museum and MusiCares.




RVC's release date is finally official! August 31st! Mark your calendars kids! =D Here's the full Legacy press release with complete tracklist and news about upcoming Heart remasters! YAY!

*Bit of a sidebar...Motley Sue is "95% sure" that RVC will also have a vinyl release. I am just as giddy as can be xD


Legacy Recordings Announces The Release of Heart's Red Velvet Car!


Legacy Recasting Classic Heart Catalog For New Physical & Digital Editions

Legacy Recordings proudly announces the release of Red Velvet Car, the first new studio album in six years from the groundbreaking Seattle-based band Heart, available everywhere on Tuesday, August 31.

The release of Red Velvet Car heralds Legacy's forthcoming reissues of the classic Heart catalog in new physical and digital editions.

For their first new album since 2004's Jupiter's Darling, the first ladies of arena rock took an acoustic approach to a collection of songs inspired by the world around them, arranged for an assortment of strings including guitar, mandolin, dobro, banjo, fiddle, viola, cello and autoharp, all played by Nancy Wilson and the album's producer, Grammy winner Ben Mink.

Nine of the album's songs were written for, and appear for the first time on Red Velvet Car. The album's closer, "Sand," is a newly recorded version of a song originally written and recorded by the Lovemongers, Ann and Nancy's 1990's acoustic side project.

Tracks on Red Velvet Car include "Death Valley", "Safronia's Mark", "Red Velvet Car", "Queen City", "Sunflower", "Wheels", "There You Go", "WTF", "Hey You" and "Sand."

Red Velvet Car marks the return of Heart to the Sony Music Entertainment family. Heart's last Sony-related release was 1983's Passionworks on Epic Records.

"It feels good to have Sony Music holding our new baby. It's sort of like coming home, since we worked with them on Little Queen, Dog And Butterfly, Bebe Le Strange, Private Audition and Passionworks, among others," said Ann Wilson. "We're excited about taking it on the road. A fresh sound with all the original Heart magic."

"This album feels so right for the times," said Nancy Wilson. "We can't wait to share this one with the world!"

Heart will be performing songs from Red Velvet Car, as well as classics from the band's repertoire, at selected Lilith Fair dates and in headline concerts across the U.S. and Canada from July through September. Tour details available on the Heart website.




Ran across this review of Nancy's Elizabethtown score from Uncut Magazine and had to share. It's a rave and she deserves nothing less. If you haven't heard the score you should definitely check it out ---> iTunes ^_^

Nancy Wilson: A Marriage of Music and Film
By Anthony Kuzminski

On Tuesday morning January 31st, when the Oscar nominations are announced, I’ll be hoping, praying and looking for composer Nancy Wilson’s name to be announced for her husband’s (Cameron Crowe) film, “Elizabethtown”. I can not think of a single film this past year where the musical score had such a vital and important role to the film; one that was as imperative as either of the lead characters (played by Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst). It’s unlikely for the Academy to nominate a non-orchestral score, but I can guarantee you that when those five nominees are announced, none of them will hold the emotional weight of Nancy Wilson’s “Elizabethtown” score. The twenty-one tracks on the recently released CD are more than interludes to a bigger canvas, but undersized and intensely emotional songs that ring true whether you’re in a theater, at home or simply alone listening to them on your Ipod.

A few weeks ago, I was doing some writing and had VH1 Classic on in the background when Heart’s “Never” came on the small screen from their self-titled smash from 1985. All I could think about is what a long way she has come since her MTV video days. When Cameron made his directorial debut in 1989 with “…Say Anything”, Nancy contributed to the soundtrack and since then has proceeded to provide music to each of his films going forward. With each film, the canvas she has painted and composed on has grown wider culminating just this past October with “Elizabethtown”. Surprisingly, “Elizabethtown” featured more music than any of Crowe’s other films, so much so that a fourth CD of music from the film will be released in early February 2006.

“Elizabethtown” uses music as a way to augment the story and the characters within it. From Tom Petty’s “It’ll All Work Out” to Ryan Adam’s “Come Pick Me Up” to Elton John’s “My Father’s Gun” to My Morning Jacket’s “Where To Begin”, the film is covered head to toe with remarkable music. However, some of the film’s sweetest moments needed a softer touch. These more intimate scenes have been scored by Nancy Wilson. Best known for the sister duo Heart, Nancy has turned into an accomplished film composer over the last fifteen years. Surprisingly, “Elizabethtown” marks the first time that her scores have been released in full on CD (by Sony Records). Let’s only hope this is the beginning to seeing Nancy’s other complete scores be commercially available on CD. If you feel you have enough of Nancy’s music from the first “Elizabethtown” soundtrack, you are mistaken as the score soundtrack is equally essential.

It’s one thing to evoke emotion through lyrics, but Wilson accomplishes something greater here through not only her marriage to Crowe but the marriage of cinema and score, where she was able to evoke emotions deep from within. Most music today’s hits us in the heart through the lyrics which we can relate to, however, I have found whether Nancy’s score is enhanced by performances of celluloid or whether they come up randomly on your Ipod shuffle you will find yourself in a trance. “River Road”, “Fiasco”, “Family Table” and “60B” are as powerful as any score James Horner or John Williams would compose for a sweeping fantasy flick or period epic. With each string strummed on her acoustic guitar, Nancy Wilson pulls on our hearts and those of the characters her husband has created as well.

I love big epic orchestral scores that add an emotional core to films, but Nancy’s score is something truly special. When listening to the cd, there are no words and no images, it is just her acoustic guitar swinging around your feelings, heart and mind. Wilson’s compelling score takes more than just her husband’s characters on a journey, but us as well.


In the March 2010 issue of Guitar World Nancy was chosen amongst 29 other great players to help choose the 30 greatest guitarists of all time. Great to see our girl included in this! =D

30 on 30: The Greatest Guitarists Picked by the Greatest Guitarists


As Guitar World's 30th Anniversary celebration continues, 30 of the greatest living guitarists tell us who they would pick as the greatest guitarists of all time.

Who is the greatest guitarist on the planet?

On the face of it, that question if a no brainer: It's Hendrix. Or Clapton. Or Page. Or Beck. Or...is it? As Guitar World continues to celebrate its 30th year in publication, we picked 30 guitarists who named their own heroes—and the results will surprise you.

NEIL YOUNG by Nancy Wilson

Neil is identifiable whether he’s playing acoustic or electric guitar. For acoustic he has a completely unique type of tuning, detuning, attack and release. He plays a song called “Bandit,” from the Greendale album, and there’s a live version of it that’s incredible. He chooses a specific guitar that can be detuned on the low string down to a C and picks the particular gauge of string that will rattle in the perfect way. It sounds so wrong that it’s right. I think nobody in the world would do that on purpose except for Neil Young.

He has a monstrous electric guitar sound, too, and on “Cinnamon Girl” he recorded what is probably the best one-note guitar solo ever. He puts more feeling into one note than anyone else. It shouldn’t work, but it does. Of course, it’s his tone that makes all the difference. Touch sensitivity accounts for about 90 percent of everything. Neil has such expressive playing that he can play a onenote solo and make it memorable for decades, for generations.

Source (w/thanks to Tim on the BBS)


After listening to Part 3 of the new Nancy interview and hearing the bit about Hole's new album, my friend Amy had the brilliant idea to tweet to Courtney with a link and an @officialheart plug. She is quite the RTer so we were excited to see if she would repost it. I woke up this morning to find that she had!! But it doesn't stop there. A few minutes after she RTed, she posted this comment on the radio page! I have been freaking out all day! So much love being sent her way man. Anytime someone takes the time to give Nancy the respect and praise she deserves makes me as giddy as can be. We know how amazing she is. It's just nice to see it coming from someone outside the Heart community. =]

Follow Courtney on Twitter
Check out her comment on the radio page

~ ♥~
Prepare yourselves 0_o Although, it won't really do any good. ;D


Courtesy of Zimbio


And we have Part Three of Nancy's new radio interview! This completes the show and is definitely my favourite piece. =)

Heart – Tomorrow at the Celebrity – Photo Gallery and Pt. 3 of the Nancy Wilson interview

You’ll have a lot better seat than this picture, tomorrow night at the Celebrity Theatre  – nothing further than 75 feet from the stage.  Check out today’s gallery, and the last part of my interview with Nancy where she turned the tables on me,  asking me something I’ve never been asked before.

Part Three is here.

Also don't forget to check out Part One here, and Part Two here =D


Wilsons News - Grammy Museum Performance

New article on the upcoming event also entitled "An Evening With Heart" at the Grammy Museum on May 24th. Heart is set to play to a crowd of 200, give an interview and also take audience questions! What a killer opportunity to see Ann and Nancy! =D

The Grammy Museum has lined up a great evening featuring not only music but also conversation with Ann and Nancy Wilson, the sisters that turned the world of rock on its ears back in the ‘70s with the band you’ve come to know as Heart.

It almost seems absurd that there were very few women rockers before Heart emerged on the scene in the mid 1970s. Sure, there was bluesy belter Janis Joplin and Grace Slick was in Jefferson Airplane. But a band featuring a woman guitarist while her sister sang her heart out from center stage? Virtually unheard of.

Heart is such a solid cornerstone of American rock that it often feels as if the Wilson sisters have been around forever. With hits like “Magic Man,” “Barracuda,” and “Even It Up,” Heart’s music has spanned generations and established the band as a classic American act up there with Eagles, Steve Miller Band and Journey.

And it all comes together with “An Evening With Heart” May 24 at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. Presented by the museum and MusicCares, the evening will feature Heart performing and being interviewed in front of an intimate crowd of 200. The sisters will also take questions from the audience after the interview.

This is also a good time to mention Heart is prepping its first studio album of new material in six years. Red Velvet Car is slated for a late summer release. Meanwhile, you can also catch the Wilsons on tour as Heart has plenty of headline dates as well as appearances on this year’s “Lilith” tour.

Tickets for “An Evening With Heart” are $60 and are on sale now. For more information, click here for the Grammy Museum website.



Nancy Interview - Radio Interview Pt 2

Turns out this new radio interview is a three parter! Awesome! =D Not sure when Part Three will be up but it should be soon =)

Heart – Celebrity – Saturday – Pt. 2 of exclusive interview

It’ll be a great night of rock & roll when Heart rocks the Celebrity.  Check out the new photo gallery, and Part 2 of my 3 part interview with Nancy Wilson. Here’s Part 2 of the interview.

Part Two is here! =)


Nancy Interview - Radio Interview Pt 1

NEW radio interview with Nancy! =D This is part one. Part two will be up on Thursday! Enjoy! =)

Heart – Saturday night at the Celebrity

Last week I had a chance to talk with Nancy Wilson about a lot of things, like…

their new album and live video, what it was like playing hard rock during the disco era, not being taken seriously as musicians because they were women, and a lot more. She’s a great conversationalist as you’ll hear. Photos for the eyes and the interview for the ears. Enjoy.


A new little interview from the An Evening With Women event focusing on American Idol and it's impact on the music business. Gotta love Ann and Nancy's attitudes. They are so dang sweet =] Also, I changed out the photo from the actual article because we've seen it a million times, and exchanged it for another new shot from the event instead =D

Heart's Ann & Nancy Wilson on 'Idol' and the music business

With Crystal Bowersox now officially the last woman standing on "American Idol," we thought this week would be the perfect time to speak to other powerful women in rock and get their take on how our favorite show has evolved. On Tuesday, we'll present a chat with the illustrious Melissa Etheridge, but Monday, we have the women of Heart, whose songs have been performed on many a season of "Idol," and who we ran into at a benefit for the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center on Saturday night.

If Ann and Nancy Wilson were starting out today, would they audition? Not a chance. Read on for more "Idol" talk from the game-changing sister duo, whose new album, "Red Velvet Car," is due out in late summer.

Usher recently reportedly said that shows like "American Idol" are ruining the music business. What's your take on that?

Ann Wilson: [Laughs] Well, I don't think that there's any one thing that could ruin the music business. I think the music business is evolving because of "American Idol." It's helped it to evolve in a different way. "Idol" changed it. ... It's good to see kids up there. I think it's a classic American-spirit type of show. It's taken the place of "The Ed Sullivan Show. ..."

Nancy Wilson: I think that it's cool that people have an appointment with a television show, where they're rooting for somebody that they get to know, and they see the hardship of going through all of that. And trying to make it and they're up against such a horribly judgmental country and reviewed for it. They have to be surprising in some way or perfect or you know. And when Susan Boyle was out there doing her thing, it informed the entire world. And I think that's what it really should be and that's what good about it.

If you were starting out today would you guys audition?

Ann: I don't think so ...

Nancy: Maybe. Ann could probably do it -- she would kick ass -- but I couldn't.

Ann: I don't know if I could, but I really admire the people that do that. I would probably just try to go into the pipeline.

Nancy: And playing live shows

Ann: And doing it through work. For some people it's perfect: Yesterday I was nothing; tomorrow I could be something. I mean they want something for nothing, and on that show you can kind of get it quick.

Do you watch the show?

Ann: We've seen a few episodes.

Nancy: I love it when they do Heart songs. People call us up, and that's when we watch it.

Your songs have made several appearances on the show. Do any stand out?

Ann: Carrie Underwood. She was great, and then we did "Alone" with her on "Idol Gives Back." There have been some great talents up there.

As you know, Simon Cowell is leaving the show at the end of this season. Any interest in being a judge?

Ann: I would be a judge. Maybe they would get something good from me; I'd say something kind.

What about the mean part?

Ann: I couldn't do that.

Nancy: We wouldn't be very good at breaking people's hearts in front of millions of people.

Ann: That's what Ellen DeGeneres says. ... It would be too hard to do that and hurt people.



Wilsons Article - An Evening With Women

Nice article (with another gorgeous picture!) on the An Evening With Women event Saturday! =D

Pink, Heart, Linda Perry, Sarah Silverman, Renee Zellweger and Gina Gershon rock An Evening With Women

By Greg Hernandez

EVENING OUT: Anyone who was at last night’s An Evening With Women: Celebrating Art, Music and Equality event at the Beverly Hilton will not soon forget it.

The crowd at the star-studded evening benefiting the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center was treated to a surprise appearance by Pink who joined mentor (and event chairwoman) Linda Perry onstage for a rousing version of What’s Up which left the crowd on its feet.
The singer had earlier appeared onstage during the live auction sitting atop a Vespa that sold for $12,000. Pink (at the event with husband Cary Hart) did not come with the Vespa but the winning bidder did get to sit on the bike and be photographed with the singer who had a lit cigarette in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

Pink was good-naturedly foul mouthed telling the crowd “Yes, I got a new fucking haircut!” before adding: “This is an incredible evening. I’m just honored to have made it this far west to know you all.”

HEARTFELT PERFORMANCE: It was absolute heaven to be treated to a four-song set from Heart. Ann and Nancy Wilson were in great form treating the crowd to their classic hit Barracuda and a few songs from their new album Red Velvet Car.

Among the new material was a moving song called Sand about a friend of the Wilson sisters who lost a long battle with AIDS.

Linda Perry said that when she asked Heart to perform, the answer “yes” came within a day: “I’m just so honored that they’re here.”

Ann Wilson told me before the show how impressed she is with the LA Gay & Lesbian Center’s work and that she wished there was a similar depth of services in Seattle where she lives.

Source by way of GregInHollywood


Nancy was looking, head to toe, INSANELY gorgeous last night at the An Evening With Women event in LA. I nearly fell over when I found these this morning 0_o

Photos courtesy of GettyImages.com


Stumbled upon this interview with Nancy from 2004. She just has the best personality. ♥

Definitely Famous

Heart's Nancy Wilson, no-pole rock & roll


Before Seattle became synonymous with Starbucks, Nirvana, and flannel shirts, Heart was the Emerald City's biggest musical export.

Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson took their teenage love of rock & roll out of the bedroom and onstage with 1976's Dreamboat Annie. While "Magic Man" and "Crazy on You" catapulted the siblings into the highest rock star strata, staying on top proved easier than simply staying afloat. Heart's personnel changes and musical maturation over the years have been hard work, says Nancy Wilson.

"This is the best version of Heart we've ever had, together for about three years now," says the younger Wilson by phone from the West Coast. "The band is a little dangerous, in a good sense. We walk the line, on the edge of things, but nothing feels gratuitous or strained about it. We come to it with passion. Being older, the physical grind of touring is tough, but the shows themselves keep us fueled."

Heart's string of Seventies hits ("Barracuda," "Dog and Butterfly," "Even It Up") kept the band alive until their Eighties revival, which saw the Wilsons revamp the band and their appearance. The band's pumping, muscular rock was reinvented with power ballads and even more massive hits than the previous decade ("These Dreams," "What About Love," "Never," "Alone"). With recording projects at a lower profile in the Nineties, both Wilson sisters started families – an entirely different sort of challenge.

"We have our kids on the road with us most of the time, on the tour buses. Ann's got a 13-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy, and I have two twin boys that are 41/2. So from town to town, we find all kinds of adventure – museums, theme parks, fairgrounds.

"We grew up in a military family, always traveling ourselves. Even though the travel itself is a grind, it's so beautiful to have the kids along. At the end of the summer, they start school, so we'll miss them the last few weeks of the tour. In the past, we've planned touring around the school year, but this year we went later because I was working on stuff for Cameron's movie. It's called Elizabethtown, a new romantic comedy he's written and is directing with Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, and Paul Schneider."

Cameron is Cameron Crowe, of course, Wilson's rock-critic-turned-screenwriter-director husband. Wilson's challenge is to balance her rock stardom with motherhood and the career demands of her equally famous spouse. A little technology goes a long way in her case.

"I've seen some of the film on the tour bus. They send me the dailies on DVD and I can watch it on my computer. I take notes on every take I've seen and can tell you right now it's the best Cameron Crowe film he's made – more romantic and funnier than ever. I watched Almost Famous last night on the bus again with Anne McCue, who's opening for us. I hadn't seen it for a long time, and it's just wonderful."

Crowe's presence at the 2003 Austin City Limits Music Festival was one of the biggest buzzes of the weekend. Wilson laughs, remembering his trek to Texas for it.

"He told me about Austin City Limits last year. He was really into it. I think he was checking out some of the singers and songwriters. He's such a collector, a real music person. I think that's why it's so easy for me to work on scores with him. As a director, he knows exactly what it is he wants. A lot of directors don't have the first idea. We have a good relationship as a team."

Relationships are a recurring theme for Wilson's life, with her husband and children, her sister and her sister's family, and the myriad complications of being a lifer in a profession that's exponentially harder on the female sex than the male. Her candid comments on younger women in the business came with cautionary encouragement.

"To younger women coming up, I usually say, 'I'd turn back if I were you!' Like the sign in the woods in The Wizard of Oz. Because it's so hard, really tough, and it's tougher now for a lot of women coming up because the image thing and the body consciousness is so – you know, the pole-dancer vibe is so strong now.

"Even someone like Avril Lavigne, supposedly the radical out there – what's allowed for women in rock culture is still very narrow. There's room for every star in heaven, but right now it's tougher than ever for the women to shine. Imagine Janis Joplin trying to make it today. She might just be different and talented enough to get away with it without having the prerequisite looks to go along with it.

"That's the whole thing, isn't it? A balancing act between style and substance. With Britney Spears, I thought at first, 'That's great pop music sung for kids! Good clean fun.' Then she got shuttled right down through that same old channel they all seem to have to go down. Like Beyoncé from Destiny's Child. She's turned into the pole dancer. For a second, she had some cool rock stuff going on, but I feel bad for a lot of the girls out there. Trying to be individual is really hard. That's why we're lucky to have been around long enough to have the trademark name Heart and withstood the test of fire, proven ourselves."

Proven themselves, yes. With the release of Jupiters Darling at the beginning of the summer, Wilson discovered the advantage to a long history.

"When we started putting together this album, we realized we had something to our advantage: a brand name," laughs Wilson recounting the epiphany. "That's what they're calling it these days. And because Heart is a brand name and we have a track record, there's a standard of quality you can expect. It's really authentic – a return, not a comeback. 'Comeback' is sort of a dirty word. There are bands with nothing new to show that are milking the summer dollar with their jukebox hits. We're not one of them.

"We didn't consciously set out to make another 'Crazy on Youí' but after we were done with 'Make Me,' I recognized it and thought, 'Yeah, it sounds like a Heart song, like "Crazy on You,"' because of that rhythm part. But I guess because of us writing our own material again – which bands didn't do much in the Eighties, as far as singles, at least – the music on Jupiters Darling sounds the most like us in a long time. We just took complete control. We took the helm, the steering wheel, and did it from top to bottom.

"My favorite song on Jupiters Darling might change from day to day. Like for the super-romantic moments, I really love the one song we didn't write, a Chuck Prophet song. He's been opening for us and wrote 'No Other Love.' I think Ann just rips it to shreds, in the best way. It's a great moment. For the big rockers, the heavy stuff, 'Lost Angel' is pretty powerful."

The current Heart lineup includes drummer Ben Smith, who's worked with Nancy for more than 10 years in the Wilsons' side project, the Lovemongers. Bassist Mike Inez's credentials include Alice in Chains and Ozzy Osbourne. Craig Bartock is the lead guitarist who co-produced with Nancy and collaborated as a songwriter on most of Jupiters' tracks. Nancy notes that keyboardist Debbie Shair apprenticed under the band's former keyboardist Darian Sahanaja.

"It's so cool to have another woman in the band," enthuses Wilson. "That never happened before with Heart, so we're three girls, three boys right now. We do stuff with just the three girls, and it's so powerful."

On the telephone, Wilson sounds like a teenager herself, in the best of ways for a woman who turned 50 in March. Her voice lilts with excitement when talking about the album and the tours, fills with wonder as she speaks about her family, warms with affection as she looks back on a blessed career with never-ending inspiration.

"Three years ago I saw U2 play on their Elevation tour, and I thought, 'You know, why don't we take this Heart band back out on the road and see what we can do. See how fast that machine will go,' and that's when we started writing the new album. And when the Heart album is done rolling out, which we hope won't be for a couple of years, then we'll be back in Seattle working on Lovemongers. It's really fun, more like our Crosby, Stills & Nash type band. More lead singers and a lot of harmonies involved. Heart gone to 11.

"We are so inspired by the energy of being out on a live stage again. It's a good time for all, new to some and familiar to others. Our demographic is from age 6 to 60 – college kids and gray hairs! The Gray Panthers are coming out in droves, bringing their kids; you see them on their parents' shoulders. Even when we do those Zeppelin songs, grandmas are singing, 'Hey hey mama like the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove!'

"It's pretty cool – we rock hard, and they stick it out!



Calling All Mongers ~ 20,000 For Twitter

Hello Mongers Big Grin

The time has come. To increase Heart's Twitter followers. In epic proportions. Big Grin

Kristen, Amy, Georgie and myself are having a Twitter party of sorts. I've begun designing graphics and I thought I would post them here so all of those who wish to partake can do their part. Even if you don't have Twitter. Smile I have made 3 buttons, well 2 and a animated combo, that you can post just about anywhere to help advertise Big Grin

If you need help with codes to enter them into signatures and such on other forums please don't hesitate to ask Big Grin More graphics coming soon! A few banners (short and long) and regular sized graphics so please check back if you don't fancy these buttons. Smile

If you do have Twitter, and would like to join in please let me know! Or just keep an eye on @RedVelvetCar on Twitter Smile

So everyone please help any way you can! We would REALLY love to get @officialheart to the 20,000 followers mark in the nearest future! I have no doubts that it's possible. The Monger blood runs deep. All we need to do is get the word out and be faithful in our efforts. HeartLove. It's What It Is ALL About. Big Grin



New article with a few cute bits about Nancy's boys :D

Casino Scene: Musical conversation is the Heart of the matter

By Mark Jordan
Thursday, April 15, 2010

For Nancy Wilson, the guitar-wielding half of the sister duo at the heart of the multiplatinum rock band Heart, touring is a family affair. Besides her big sister, with whom she has played for 36 years now, Wilson takes her twin 10-year-old boys on the road with her these days.

"They love the tour bus," says Wilson of her sons from her 24-year marriage to film director Cameron Crowe. "They love their bunks. They have individual video screens and DVD players. ... There are county fairs and nice hotels and, you know, some not-so-nice hotels, too. So they get a good dose of the road life but not too much."

Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson of the rock band Heart will perform at Harrah"s Grande Event Center in Tunica on  Saturday.

Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson of the rock band Heart will perform at Harrah's Grande Event Center in Tunica on Saturday.

This summer the boys will get to see more of the country as the Wilson sisters and the rest of Heart hit the road, including a stop at Harrah's Grande Event Center Saturday at 9 p.m. The band is touring to drum up anticipation for their upcoming 13th studio album, Red Velvet Car, scheduled for release this summer on Sony Legacy.

Heart formed in 1973 with Ann Wilson on lead vocals. The next year Nancy, fresh out of high school, joined the band on guitar. The band stood out as one of the few female-fronted hard rock bands and quickly scored hits with albums like Dreamboat Annie and songs like "Barracuda." In the '80s, the band adjusted to the times by adopting a more pop-friendly sound that has continued through to today.

"I like to say we went to the University of Ben Mink," says Wilson of the recording of Red Velvet Car under the Canadian producer. "There's a level he expects and likes to achieve that took us farther musically, I think, than we've gone for a long time, and we were ready to go there."

Mink, the longtime collaborator of k.d. lang, had worked on Ann Wilson's solo album Hope & Glory in 2006. As with that album, he helped the sisters craft songs for Red Velvet Car that used warmer, old-fashioned tube amps, and encouraged the band to cut as much of the music live in the studio as possible.

"That's kind of one of the more missing-in-action things these days in music," says Wilson. "It's the sound of people having a musical conversation together at the same time so that its not a digital construct of a digital conversation. It's an actual conversation with people responding to each other as players."

The release of Red Velvet Car will be accompanied by a concert DVD of the same name, featuring live performances of several of the new songs as well '70s rockers like "Magic Man" and "Crazy on You" and '80s chart hits like "Alone" and "What About Love." The DVD also features a guest appearance by Allison Krauss, who sings on "These Dreams" and a version of "Your Long Journey" off of her Robert Plant collaboration Raising Sand.

Tickets to Heart are $51, $61, and $71 and are available at the box office, by phone at 800-277-1700, and through Ticketmaster. For more information, visit harrahstunica.com.


Here's a cool article about the Chattanooga show tomorrow night. Only thing I disliked were their choices for who should/could/would play Ann and Nancy in a fictional biopic. There is no news about anything of this sort happening but they gave us their picks anyway.

Heart brings the rock love to Memorial

When talking about the leading ladies of rock in the '70s and '80s, few artists come to mind as readily as sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Beginning with the guitar wail kicking off "Magic Man" on their 1976 debut album, "Dreamboat Annie," the Seattle-based sisters co-led the band Heart through early success as well as masterminded a return to notoriety in the mid-'80s.

The Wilson sisters are currently on tour to raise interest in their latest album, "Red Velvet Car," their first studio release since 2004's "Jupters Darling." The album is being spearheaded by Grammy-winning producer Ben Mink (k.d. lang, Barenaked Ladies) and is set for release sometime this summer, according to the band's Web site.

The tour, which began in Las Vegas in January, will bring them to Memorial Auditorium on Thursday before they head out to the West Coast.


* What: Heart in concert.

* When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

* Where: Memorial Auditorium, 399 McCallie Ave.

* Admission: $39-$59, plus tax, convenience and box office fees.

* Phone: 624-8497.

* Venue Web site: www.chattanoogaonstage.com.

* Related links at fyi.timesfreepress.com.


1976: "Dreamboat Annie"

1977: "Little Queen"

1978: "Dog & Butterfly"

1985: "Heart"

1987: "Bad Animals"

1988: "With Love From"

1995: "The Road Home (Live)"

2004: "Jupiters Darling"


* Nancy Wilson has been married to filmmaker Cameron Crowe since 1986.

* Crowe and Wilson co-wrote several songs for Crowe's film "Almost Famous," which won a Grammy for Best Compilation Soundtrack.

* Heart's music has appeared in a number of other films, including "Charlie's Angels," "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" and "Swingers."


There are many parallels between Heart and the upcoming fictional biopic "The Runaways," starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, as the members of the titular 1970s girl rock band. Here are some suggestions for casting a completely hypothetical Heart biopic:

* Amy Adams as Nancy Wilson. Adams has already proven her pipes in Disney's 2007 semi-animated musical "Enchanted." Also, thanks to her red 'do, it wouldn't take much effort to make her look like Nancy.

* Zooey Deschaenl as Ann Wilson. Deschanel is already making waves alongside folk guru M. Ward as co-lead singer of the indie folk duo She & Him. She also looks eerily similar to pictures of Ann in the mid-'70s.



Finally Back! With a Bit of Heart News

I think it is safe to say, I am finally back. Had a massive computer virus attack which still isn't 100% fixed but at least I've been able to start catching up on all the Nancy and Heart news piling up in my inbox. :)

A few quick tidbits before we get down to business.

@officialheart hit 1,000 followers on Twitter on the 9th! YAY!! :D (they currently have 1,045 followers. If you have Twitter please show your support and follow them!!! :D)

Heart's Facebook page hit 20,000 fans on the 11th! Double YAY!! :D (current count is 20,434 fans! If you have FB please become a fan too!! :D)

Still no news on official release date for Red Velvet Car, there's a rumor that its July 13th but nothing is confirmed.

A little news for this page itself, I am now linked on Heart's official website! AH! YAY! :D

As it is 1:30 in the morning, regular updates will resume tomorrow  :) Thank you for sticking with me guys! :D


We were blessed with this gorgeousness right here earlier this week. Watch your eyes! xD

Eye Seering Beauty AhoyCollapse )
An Insider's View on HEART's New CD "Red Velvet Car"


The following was a post made to the Official Heart Message Board by Sue Ennis. Sue Ennis is a long-time friend of Ann and Nancy's and has been a collaborator on many of Heart's hit songs like "Barracuda," "Straight On" and "Dog & Butterfly" to name a few. She had a few words to share about HEART's first studio album on 6 years, "Red Velvet Car."

I just heard the new album this week. I wanted to drop by and tell you all that: IT IS MIND BLOWING. All you need to know is that your July (release time) is going to be a euphoric month as you play this record over and over. Speaking as a fan, I think there are at least 4 new songs that rank among the best songs the band has ever recorded. It's the right album at the right time and I'm completely out-of-my-mind-in-love with the songs and the production. BTW, I only had a very, very tiny hand in the album so it's OK if I rave about it.

Still doubtful? I have NEVER before come on this board to freak out about work my friends have done but I'm stepping out in public this time. (Check me out on Twitter!) Longtime fans: your dreams have been answered. New fans: you're in for something very special. Mind blowing!


Happy 56th Birthday Nancy!!! :D ♥

I can't believe our little girl is 56 today! ♥♥♥

Updating Soon!

My apologies for the lack of updates guys. I saw Heart in Seattle for the DVD filming (!!!!!!) and then came down with a major fever. I am on the mend still but updates will resume asap. :)

Heart News - New Album Info

Looks like this album with be a 10 song-er, with 7 rockers and 3 ballads. No new yet on how many Ann sings lead on, or Nancy, but we do know Nancy is singing on this more than even before. Here's hoping for at least 3 from her! :D

To Abby, with Heart

Rock and roll sisters Ann Wilson (left) and Nancy (right) will perform their hits in Abbotsford next week.

By Ashley Wray - Abbotsford News

Published: March 03, 2010 3:00 PM
Updated: March 03, 2010 3:28 PM

Two sisters who once dreamed of reaching the same rock star status as the Beatles will be performing in Abbotsford next week.

Heart is coming to the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre on Wednesday, March 10.

Since joining the band in the early ’70s, Ann Wilson and her younger sister Nancy have been the only constant members of the group.

After years of performing at churches and youth groups, Ann and Nancy followed the band from Seattle to Vancouver.

“At first we were just trying to make enough money to eat, then our goal was to make an album, then it was to headline a major concert – from there we just went in leaps.”

Their first album, Dreamboat Annie, went gold as the group was touring across the American mid-West.

That’s when they realized they had made it, says Ann.

Since then, with Ann supplying the lead vocals, and Nancy on guitar, they’ve sold more than 30 million records, garnered 21 top-40 hits, and sold-out arenas around the world.

They’ve also been recognized as being the first female group in complete creative control, something that Ann says they are grateful for, although they don’t take all the credit.

“We were all part of a wave – a small wave of women – who said ‘To heck with this, because I’m a woman why do I just have to be the listener, why can’t I be the player?’”

At the same time, the sisters were criticized and mocked for their persistence.

Ann recalls a man approaching them after one concert and asking Nancy if her guitar was plugged in for the show.

“There were some very insulting things said to us,” says Ann. “Our first obstacle was to find credibility because of our gender.”

But they also experienced the opposite end of the spectrum, garnering attention for their sex symbol status.

According to Ann, it’s an era that belongs in the past.

“There’s so much pressure on (being a sex symbol) and it takes away from the music. It makes you live in a strange bubble. I feel very freed up with being the age that I am, and I know Nancy does too.

“Now, we just get out there and be ourselves. We don’t have to wear 10-inch heels anymore, and that’s a relief,” says Ann, with a laugh.

Heart just finished making a new record which, according to Ann, is something their long-time fans and newer listeners will appreciate.

The 10-song album has seven up-tempo, rock-heavy tunes, and three ballads.

While their goals have shifted from gold records to finding happiness, they are hoping they still have what it takes to create music “that gets people off.”

Heart’s upcoming performance will feature new tracks from their currently untitled album, as well as their powerhouse hits.

Tickets are on sale now at www.abbotsfordcentre.ca, by phone at 1-866-977-2372, or at the venue box office.

Prices range from $83.50, $52, and $42.50.

Doors open at 7 p.m., show starts at 8 p.m.

Heart News - New Album Release Date

It looks like we may even have the new album sooner than expected. Originally we were told around July but this page says May. *fingers crossed* Mongers! :D

Heart News - New Album Title???

Rumor has it the new album is titled "Red Velvet Car". :D

Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson of Heart.

Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson of Heart

Photograph by: Submitted, Times Colonist


What: Heart

Where: Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre

When: Monday, 8 p.m. (doors 7 p.m.)

Tickets: $79.50, $59.50 (tel. 250-220-7777)

Heart is beating stronger than ever, singer Ann Wilson says. Not only that, the band's lead vocalist enjoys belting out Heart's songs more today than three decades ago.

"Mentally, I like it better now," the 59-year-old said recently from Seattle.

"When I get up there now, I feel like each time has to be authentic and each time has to be different. My main job in all of this is the lyrics, putting over the lyrics. I really enjoy that and feel much more psychologically invested than I used to. I think I used to just go out there and bounce around."

Heart first leapt to international prominence in 1976 with its debut album Dreamboat Annie (released by Vancouver's Mushroom Records). Songs such as Magic Man, Crazy on You and the title track were hits. The band's mix of hard rock and folky balladry made the LP a million-seller. The clincher was another chart-busting single, Barracuda, released in 1977.

Rock fans were intrigued, too, that Heart was fronted by two glamorous sisters: Ann and guitarist-singer Nancy Wilson. At the time, it was unusual for women to perform hard-rock songs. Ann Wilson was, and still is, a particularly powerful vocalist. Tellingly, during Heart's early bar-band days -- which included regular forays to Vancouver Island -- Wilson did full justice to covers of Led Zeppelin songs, easily matching Robert Plant's octave-vaulting wails.

Although the band's lineup rotated regularly over the years (with romantic liaisons sometimes complicating the situation) the Wilson sisters remained Heart's constant. Meanwhile, the global hits kept on coming: Heartless, Straight On, Even It Up, Never, These Dreams and All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You.

Yet by the early 1990s, Heart was running out of ... well, heart.

"We had gone just about as far as we could go," Wilson said. "Nance and I were just sick of it. Because it was the end of the '80s. We were really stuck in that MTV-image thing. Everyone else was writing our songs and all these expectations were on us that we didn't really have much of a say in."

A side project in the early 1990s, the Lovemongers, provided a respite. The Ann/Nancy-led collaboration was a more acoustic-based band. An EP included a cover of Led Zeppelin's Battle of Evermore.

For Ann Wilson, the MTV-age focus on appearance led to a backlash. Although slim early in her career, she had gained weight. Record executives -- and even fellow band members -- put pressure on her to lose pounds. In 2002, USA Today reported that she had undergone surgery to have a gastric band inserted.

Today, Wilson said, there is significantly less pressure for women in rock to conform to a certain look.

"It's about [women] banging on the door, just not giving up. Saying, no, I don't look like Marilyn Monroe or whoever you want me to look like. [Saying] I'm talented and I'm just gonna do it. And you're gonna like it."

The Wilson sisters' status as rock pioneers is reflected in their inclusion in this year's Lilith Fair tour, where they'll join such acts as Tegan and Sara, Norah Jones and Mary J. Blige.

Meanwhile, Heart just completed work on an upcoming album. Red Velvet Car was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Vancouver's Ben Mink. Wilson says most of the disc's 10 tunes are "really hard rock or uptempo."

In Victoria, fans can expect a 90-minute show peppered with hits. Wilson says all the songs are sung in the original keys; she's still nailing the high notes. Renditions of Barracuda and Magic Man are virtually guaranteed, she added, although not every fan favourite can be performed.

There are just too many.

"Honestly, we can't do them all," she said with a laugh. "Or else we'd be like Bruce Springsteen who plays for four hours. I'm not really up for that."

Read more: http://www.timescolonist.com/entertainment/Wilson+sings+straight+from+Heart/2640392/story.html#ixzz0hEZMCWsS

Nancy News - We Are the World

Here is the Official We Are the World 25 Video. But first, the beautiful signature graphic pictured at the beginning of the video.

And highlighting where Ann & Nancy's signatures are.

Download Video? (Just a note....the zip took an hour to upload so I can only imagine how long it will take to download.)



Heart Music - Valentines Day Mix

I could have SWORN I posted this here. How lame of me.

Here is a mix I made for Valentines, of all my favourite "love" songs from Ann & Nancy. It is a 26 track/ 2 "disc" set, disc 1 being all Ann on lead vocals and disc 2 being all Nancy. I hope you guys like it! :D



Here at love_iconic 


Heart Mention - MFSL CDs

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I've been getting nothing but stuff about We Are the World 25 for DAYS. And by stuff I mean, a list where Ann & Nancy's names appear. Other than that, pretty much nada. But finally! Something interesting. :)

MFSLCDs.com had a feature on the Heart Self-Titled MFSL.

Heart MFSL



Few bands have had the ability to reshape themselves so that entirely new generations of fans can discover and connect with their music. Heart is an exception to this rule. Formed in 1973, Heart was well known to fans in the 1970's for their hard driving rock sound with folk roots. Their immense popularity was cemented by such hits as: Crazy On You, Magic Man, and Barracuda. At the center of the group's sound has always been the soaring vocals of Ann Wilson and her sister Nancy's guitar work and singing. They were unique in the rock world by so prominently featuring women at the front of the group's sound. Membership in the band has changed many times over the years, but Ann and Nancy Wilson have remained central to the band's popularity and success.

Few bands have had the ability to reshape themselves so that entirely new generations of fans can discover and connect with their music. Heart is an exception to this rule. Formed in 1973, Heart was well known to fans in the 1970's for their hard driving rock sound with folk roots. Their immense popularity was cemented by such hits as: Crazy On You, Magic Man, and Barracuda. At the center of the group's sound has always been the soaring vocals of Ann Wilson and her sister Nancy's guitar work and singing. They were unique in the rock world by so prominently featuring women at the front of the group's sound. Membership in the band has changed many times over the years, but Ann and Nancy Wilson have remained central to the band's popularity and success.

As the 1970's gave way to the more synthesized sound of the 1980's, it seemed as if Heart's popularity might wane. But in 1985 the band released it's 8th studio album, the self-titled, Heart. The album was a benchmark in the history of the group and launched a new and immensely popular sound for them. The album featured several hits including: If Looks Could Kill, What About Love, Never, Nothin' at All, and their first number one song These Dreams. A whole new generation was attracted to the rock inspired, power ballads that were the lynchpin of the new album.

The album, especially in the new Heart MFSL version, is a wonderful addition to the libraries of fans new and old. It is a great cross section of songs that shows the versatility of the band and the Wilson sisters in particular. What About Love and Nothin' at All definitively show how power ballads get their name. Ann's vocals give the emotion of the songs strength and a soaring passion. On These Dreams you get to hear Nancy's gentler take on lead vocals while still maintaining a full sound. Listen carefully and you can hear Mickey Thomas and Grace Slick of Jefferson Starship lending richness to the background vocals. Likewise, the track Nobody Home features a gentler more restrained sound. But lest the long-time fans of Heart be worried, the album does include several songs that reveal the hard rock roots under the 80's glitter. If Looks Could Kill is full of the throaty riffs and ripping solos that Heart fans have come to know and love. Deep cuts The Wolf and Shell Shock roar through the speakers in the Heart MFSL edition. This album is definitely a must have for all Heart fans.

For those unfamiliar with MFSL, it is a process intended to make the most of the original sound of an album. The Heart MFSL takes the original master recording tapes and creates new recordings mastered at half speed, creating truly superior sound. It is a listening experience like no other.
As the 1970's gave way to the more synthesized sound of the 1980's, it seemed as if Heart's popularity might wane. But in 1985 the band released it's 8th studio album, the self-titled, Heart. The album was a benchmark in the history of the group and launched a new and immensely popular sound for them. The album featured several hits including: If Looks Could Kill, What About Love, Never, Nothin' at All, and their first number one song These Dreams. A whole new generation was attracted to the rock inspired, power ballads that were the lynchpin of the new album.

The track List for this album includes:
1. If Looks Could Kill
2. What About Love
3. Never
4. These Dreams
5. The Wolf
6. All Eyes
7. Nobody Home
8. Nothin At All
9. What He Don't Know
10. Shell Shock

Heart Mention - The Spill

Sourpus from The Spill blogged about his love of Heart.

I was on the bus today, reading the latest Uncut magazine, and was pleased to see an old Leicester musical comrade, Kevin Hewick, interviewed as part of an article on the death of Ian Curtis - as some of you know, Kev was briefly considered to replace Ian in Joy Division. It reminded me of my first meeting with Kevin, when he approached me aeons ago in well-known city guitar emporium, as I sat softly strumming a Gibson acoustic 1974 Heritage series - as you do. He was impressed that I both knew and clearly loved the song I was playing, which was 'Treat me well' by Nancy Wilson (of the band, Heart). Turned out he was a massive fan of theirs and had thought himself a very rare breed. I too was surprised, approximately familiar with Kev's work, that such a man should be such a big fan of a band I had thought had touched no one in the known universe (which I knew only as Leicester) but myself.

So what is it about this band and why do they seem like the best example I have of 'unexpected listening' from me? I had been thinking about the last few posts on this subject and thinking that a) my taste is just too broad to make anything that surprising and b) not that much is actually known about my core taste here at the Spill. So, with your indulgence, I can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Although music has been the (pivotal) point of my days since before I can even recall, and although I'd soaked up a household full of influences from my mum (30's and 40's dance music, 'easy listening') my elder sister (Motown and Stax, fifties rock'n' roll, sixties pop and rock) and brother (punk and new wave, reggae, ska, rock, northern soul, funk, electronica, etc., etc.) not to mention their friends, my friends and acquaintances, TV, radio and the like, I have always felt that I didnt really start to form actual taste of my own until I was about 17 years old. Since I was a practicing musician from the age of about 12 (I had my first band then) music also comes to me through the prism of my own playing. With all this in mind, I can say that I had three main influences, springing from my listening taste, but forming me as a musician.

a) Bob Dylan
b) Jonathan Richman
c) Mark Eitzel

I have never tried (nor would I - I'm English for a start) to sound like any of them. But Bob became the ground on which almost everything thereafter somehow stood, Jonathan Richman was my musical and spiritual role model and Mark Eitzel showed me how far a performance could go. These three performers and their music spoke to me more personally and powerfully than any others and they really stood out.

Heart, I first heard in 1976, when Eitzel was still at school in England and Jonathan Richman was just getting his Modern Lovers Mark 2 together, and before I had really begun listening to His Bobness properly. In retrospect, Heart were actually my first attempt at forging taste of my very own. I used to sit on the floor, with cushions from the sofa strewn around me, drumming along, with a pair of my brother's (borrowed) drum sticks, to the whole of the Dreamboat Annie album. I was 12 years old and it was the sound of it. It sent me some place else. It was my own private world of ecstatic joy and release. I was too young for punk. But this band 'belonged' to me. Almost no one else was that interested.

Until I met Kev.

He was at least a Led Zeppelin fan. Some of my friends were big Zep fans, but not me. And I still think Heart's first five or so albums are uniquely exciting and wonderful, even though nothing else in my tasteworld would make sense next to them.

That's it. That's my story. Perhaps it is only actually me who is surprised?

Nancy Mention - Matt Nathanson

Musician Matt Nathanson blogged or rather, poemed, while sick in bed, about his latest musical purchases:

-heart- heart (VINYL)
love you, nancy wilson. LOVE YOU!!!

A bit of old news, but this is just so cute.

According to the Christmas 2006 issue of People magazine, Jeffrey Dean Morgan had to learn to play the guitar for his part in this film in a very short time. His guitar instructor was Nancy Wilson of the band Heart. Morgan was thrilled to take lessons from her because, in his own words, "I had such a crush on her as a kid."

I'm a little late with this article. Heart played the Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville last night:

Rock fans can dance to the sound of a Heart beat when the female-led power group performs at 8 p.m. tonight in the Mari Showroom of the Paragon Casino Resort.

Sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson are the faces and voices that captured the hearts and ears of the band's fans around the world, but Ann joined the group long before her younger sister.

The Wilson sisters were born in a Marine Corps family and lived in southern California and overseas before settling in Seattle, according to a biography on Billboard.com. They came from a musical family, and both decided during college to pursue musical careers.

Nancy became a folksinger while Ann met up with a Vancouver band founded in 1963 under the moniker The Army, which later became Heart.

While in Vancouver and after Nancy joined her sister in the band, Heart received a record deal from the Mushroom label. Heart released its debut album "Dreamboat Annie" in 1975.

The record traveled south of the Canadian border with singles like "Crazy on You" and "Magic Man" leading the charge to platinum status.

In 1977, Heart signed the Portrait label and released "Little Queen" the same year. The album also sold more than one million copies.

Romantic relationships between the Wilson sisters and two members of the group unraveled after the release of 1978's "Dog & Butterfly," followed by the departure of their original bassist and drummer following a U.S. tour promoting 1980's "Bebe le Strange."

The band's next two releases -- 1982's Private Audition and 1983's Passionworks -- failed to impress, and Heart fell off most people's radar before moving to Capitol Records.

Their comeback came in 1985 with a self-titled album that sold more than five million copies and produced four Top Ten hits, comprising of "What About Love?," "Never," "These Dreams" and "Nothin' at All."

They rode this to another successful release in 1987's "Bad Animals" with a No. 1 single, "Alone." The album also contained hits like "Who Will You Run To" and "There's the Girl."

The comeback continued with 1990's "Brigade" and its No. 2 smash, "All I Want to Do Is Make Love to You" in addition to Top 25 hits "I Didn't Want to Need You" and "Stranded."

Heart changed bassists and drummers again for 1993's "Desire Walks On," and former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones helped produce a live acoustic of songs like "Dreamboat Annie," "Crazy on You" and "Barracuda" on 1995's "The Road Home."

The sisters pursued other group and solo projects during the late 1990s while two greatest hits albums were released chronicling their early success and comeback.

In 2004, Heart recorded "Jupiters Darling" for Sovereign Artists and issued "Dreamboat Annie Live" in 2007.

Shots from a previous date at the Paragon:


Heart Mention - LissamaticRants

LissamaticRants chose Heart as one of her 10 Artists That Inspired My Music Journey

6. Heart - I have a deep respect for Ann and Nancy Wilson. Not just because their songs were the first ones that I would sing around the house at the tender age of 5, but because these women know how to rock! These women can sing and play any slewful of instruments. Ann Wilson's voice is one that is very hard to come by these days. I remember going around the house listening to the Heart records that my mom would play and saying to myself that I want to be Ann Wilson so bad when I get older. "Barracuda", "Magic Man", "Never", "What About Love", and "Heartless" are my all-time favorite Heart songs. Ah, it makes me wanna burst out in song just thinking about this band. Heart has to be my all-time favorite band, hands down.

Ann & Nancy Wilson Shirt #2

I designed another Ann & Nancy shirt. This vice is becoming a habit. Haha.

Tell me what you think! :)


Nancy Mention - Courtney Love

Courtney Love is not impressed by Lady Gaga. She explained her feelings in a recent interview:

Lady Gaga is modern version of glitter rock, when she can pick up a guitar and play like Nancy Wilson of Heart then I'll pay more attention to her.

Photo of the 'Day'

One of my favorite photos of Nancy. Hilarious.

NewsWire.ca has an article up about the British Columbia dates Heart has added to their current tour.

Return to British Columbia where it all began with concerts in Victoria & Vancouver
Tickets on sale Monday, February 8 AT 10AM

CALGARY, Feb. 5 /CNW/ - Concerts North Ltd. is pleased to bring legendary rockers HEART to Victoria, March 8 at the Save On Foods Memorial Centre and in Vancouver, March 9 at the Orpheum. Tickets for both performances go on-sale Monday, February 8 at 10 AM.

Ann Wilson and her younger sister, Nancy first showed the world that women can rock when their band HEART stormed the charts in the '70s with hits like "Crazy on You," "Magic Man," "Barracuda," "Straight On," "Even It Up," and "Kick It Out". They continued topping the charts through the '80s and '90s with huge hits like "These Dreams," "Alone," "What About Love," "If Looks Could Kill," and "Never".

HEART started their career in British Columbia, where the group's first record "Dreamboat Annie" was written, recorded and first released in Canada on Mushroom Records in 1976. Since then, HEART has sold more than 30 million records, have garnered 21 top 40 hits, sold out arenas worldwide, and had a profound influence on rock music. HEART was also ranked No. 57 on VH1's "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock".

In the mid-'90s, Ann and Nancy returned to Seattle and formed The Lovemongers, with long-time collaborator Sue Ennis and performer Frank Cox. After playing a number of sold-out shows in Seattle, Lovemongers cut Led Zeppelin's "Battle of Evermore" for the triple platinum soundtrack from the movie Singles, which was one of Nancy's first of five soundtrack collaborations with filmmaker Cameron Crowe.

Ann and Nancy reunited as HEART in early 2002, during which time they released a critically acclaimed live concert film on DVD and CD, Heart Alive In Seattle, followed in 2004 by Jupiters Darling, the first new HEART studio album in a decade. Classic Rock magazine hailed Jupiters Darling as a career tour de force, calling it "the only record you need to buy this year."

HEART is currently in the studio with Grammy winning producer, Ben Mink, working on a new CD for release later this year. HEART'S performances in Victoria and Vancouver will feature brand new tracks from the upcoming currently untitled album, as well as their powerhouse hits.
Save On Foods Memorial Centre
Tickets on-sale 10 AM, Monday, February 8
In-person at Select Your Tickets Box Office (Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre)
Online at www.selectyourtickets.com, or via phone at 250.220.7777

The Orpheum
Tickets on-sale 10 AM, Monday, February 8
Ticketmaster outlets, online at www.ticketmaster.ca or via phone at 604.280.4444

Additional concert dates in British Columbia will be announced in the near future.
HobNob Wilson has an interview up with Gretchen Wilson, she makes a little mention of our girls.

MM: In your video for “Work Hard, Play Harder”, we see another Wilson County resident we know and love, the one and only Charlie Daniels, as well as Hank Jr., who you sang (and rocked) my personal favorite of his, “Outlaw Women”, with on CMT. I’m sure that like many of us, you were a huge fan of both before you made it big. Do you ever still pinch yourself when you realize that not only are you living the dream, but also hobnobbin’ with so many major artists as both a peer and a friend?

GW: Hank and Kid Rock were both in my first video“Redneck Woman” video. I couldn’t believe either one would take the time hang with this new artist they didn’t even know at the time. They’ve both become great friends – people I can call for advice or lean on when things got tough. Charlie is almost a father figure to me. He, Hank, and Larry the Cable Guy were all in my “All Jacked Up” video. That makes a long day a lot more fun. I’ve gotten to sing with Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart several times, which is amazing because they are musical heroes of mine. One of the highlights for me was when Charlie spoke at my graduation ceremony when I got my GED. It doesn’t get any cooler than that! It has been amazing getting to meet so many people, but at the end of the day, you realize they’re no different from anyone else – they just sing for a living.

The Nashville Scene named the 10 Artists to Watch in 2010 and the first on their list is Tyler Bryant, who digs on Nancy. Can you blame him? ;)


An 18-year-old dude fanatical about playing guitar is certainly nothing groundbreaking, but how many have already played 600 shows, can boast winning the Robert Johnson guitar award for best blues guitarist in the country (at 16), have opened for the likes of Erykah Badu, Paul Simon and Styx, namecheck Lightnin' Hopkins as an influence, and are currently nursing a crush on Heart's Nancy Wilson?

Meet Tyler Bryant, a guitar wunderkind from Honey Grove, Texas, who's spent the last year in Nashville training for an industry takeover the old-fashioned way — with a slow burn.

By 11, Bryant had convinced aging Texas blues legend Roosevelt Twitty to teach him how to play the blues. Turns out Bryant didn't need much teaching. Soon the two guitarists had their first gig at a Paris, Texas, nightclub, where they played for $100 and two steaks. "The Paris news was there and did a story, and called us the Blues Buddies," Bryant says with a laugh. By 13, Bryant was on the industry's radar for his preternatural ability to morph from mimicking Eddie Van Halen one second to Stevie Ray Vaughan the next. But rather than ship their future Jonny Lang off to L.A. or New York at the first sign of commercial viability, his parents, manager and interested parties agreed that Bryant should simmer a little, grow up a lot and actually evolve as an artist first. Twitty's health began to suffer, so Bryant formed a band on his own with the only players who could keep up with him — musicians his dad's age or older.

While his friends were getting into punk and grunge, Bryant gravitated to Hendrix and The Black Crowes. "I thought I could probably put my own twist on this and make something kids my age would like. ... I mean, it's cool having a crowd of people my parents' age, but it's not as fulfilling as having a crowd of 13- to 19-year-old girls."

Nashville and its abundance of players was an easy fit. "There are a handful of people in the country who can touch what he has," says manager Tim Kaiser. "We wanted to round that out with better songs and a better band. Move him to Nashville, adjust him as a young man, and let him get his feet on the ground."

In Nashville, a Belmont backing band (one finally composed of people his own age) was a phone call away, while a slower pace and numerous co-writers — among them famed Kings of Leon scribe Angelo — awaited. Bryant now has his first cut, co-written with Angelo and American Bang singer Jaren Johnston, which will appear on the band's Warner Bros. debut. He also has a song on Guitar Hero. In the meantime, he fields major-label offers but hasn't settled on anything yet. His current obsession remains figuring out his position in a long line of ax wielders.

"I don't feel like there's any young guys doing this," Bryant says. "I mean, there's a lot, but no one's really out in the public eye saying, 'Check it out, this is guitar.' In a lot of modern music there's not a lot of guitar solos like back in the day with Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, when they were wearing that proud. There's not a lot of young rock 'n' roll guys. I wanna be one of those guys who brings back guitar."

Ann & Nancy Wilson Shirt

I designed another t-shirt. Hope you guys like it! :D

When we were told (incorrectly) that fans could help name the album this was one of the titles I came up with. Blasted interviewers and their misinformation. Clearly the guy was mesmorized by Nancy's beauty and just couldn't concentrate on what she was saying. LOL.

Well, at least I found a way to put my title idea to good use. :)


Nancy - Sleeveface

Found this at SleeveFace.com. They have tons of cool shots. Check em out. :)

Nancy News - We Are the World

Found an article on USAToday with a little quote from Nancy.

Outside, the night was chilly. But in the studio, baking under camera lights, singers fanned themselves with lyric sheets.

"Quincy Jones was just beaming like the sun," Heart's Nancy Wilson said, "and the room got hotter."

Layout Has Been Fixed!

Hooray! The community layout is FINALLY fixed! That makes me a very happy camper. And if you notice the community's userpic, it makes Nancy a happy camper too. ;)

Thank you muchly, muchly, more than muchly to lady_carfax  for the help! :D For without her, we would have the text all screwbobbled and covering up most of the header still. And that wasn't any fun.

Today is a good day.

So I'm a little behind on the whole "Photo of the Day" thing. Started this on Jan. 22nd and have yet to post again. But hey, I've done a couple 50+ photo posts so I think it all balances out. ;)

Anywho, I will try to be better and post a photo right before I go to bed, its the one time of day it will more than likely happen regularly. Lol.

Todays photo. The elephant print dress. And Nancy being as per usual, the most adorable nerd to ever walk the planet. Thats all I need to say. ;)


And man she looks bad ass! I bet if anyone could, Nancy "whiz fingers/hands of granite" could rock a guitar bigger than she is!

I didn't see them in any of the coverage that aired today but Ann and Nancy were part of the choir in the remake of Michael Jacksons "We Are the World" 

I sure can't wait to hear it!

Among the voices in the 81-member choir were Pink, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Nick Jonas, LL Cool J, Robin Thice, Celine Dion, Akon, Rob Thomas, Wyclef, Jeff Bridges, Vince Vaughn, Barbra Streisand, Jordin Sparks, Good Charlotte’s Madden brothers, Tony Bennett, Josh Groban, Snoop Dogg, Justin Beiber, Jennifer Hudson, Keri Hilson, Jamie Foxx, Tyrese, Katharine McPhee, Sean Garrett, Will.I.Am, Carlos Santana, Melanie Fiona, Enrique Iglesias, Toni Braxton, Jason Mraz, Miley Cyrus, Busta Rhymes, Nicole Scherzinger, Nicole Richie, Usher, Julianne Hough, Raphael Saadiq, Zac Brown, India.Arie, “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson, Musiq Soulchild, Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson, Fonzworth Bentley, Kid Cudi, Iyaz, Bizzy Bone, Nipsey Hussle, the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and Al Jardine, Trey Songz, Faith Evans, Mya and Gladys Knight. (Head here for a full list of “We Are the World” participants.)

Heart Feature - Acoustic Storm Music

Acoustic Storm will be featuring Heart on Valentines Weekend.

For the weekend of Feb. 13-14, The Acoustic Storm will celebrate Valentine's Day with an entire show dedicated to the theme of love. Of course, you gotta have heart with Valentine's Day, so we'll focus on Ann and Nancy Wilson with Heart in the Eye of The Storm. You'll also hear music from the Lovin' Spoonful and the critically-acclaimed band Love. Plus, we'll keep the Valentine's theme going with acoustic rock from The Beatles, Stones, Springsteen, Dylan, Clapton, Doors, Van Morrison and lots more.

Heart Mention - Go RRStar Contest

Go RRStar is running  a contest to win the "Heart Soundstage" DVD

GO Today

What's the yuckiest candy?

By Lisa Glowinski


Each Friday in GO, we ask a food question, and we run your responses in GO Wednesdays. This week: What is the worst Valentine’s Day candy?

At the grocery, I saw heart-shaped Peeps marshmallow candies — I am grossed out by Peeps.

Send your responses to lglowinski@rrstar.com by Tuesday, and you may win — speaking of
hearts — “Heart Live,” a DVD of a performance by Ann and Nancy Wilson featuring “Magic Man,” “Crazy on You” and 20 other songs by the legendary band.

Nancy Article - Beat goes on for Heart

There's a new article/interview up with Nancy on AZStarNet.com, she talks of touring and the new album.



Beat goes on for Heart

Nancy Wilson is understandably excited these days.

She and big sister Ann Wilson are catching a gusty second wind with their band, Heart. They are finishing a new album - their first studio effort in six years - and their fan base is getting larger and younger.

"There's so much excitement right now," Nancy, 55, said during a phone call from home in Los Angeles last week. "We're about to do a cover shoot for the new album. The new album is getting really close. . . . It's appearing in front of our eyes."

Set to be released in July, the album follows 2004's "Jupiter's Darling." It's the fruit of years of touring with this lineup of musicians, which Nancy Wilson calls strong and exciting.

Wilson won't disclose the album's name - there's a fan club contest centered on it - and she can't really define it beyond saying it's not a rehash of their signature 1970s and '80s driving rock and monster ballads.

"It's not just big rock, big metal or electronic sound. It's really human," she says. "But it also rocks harder because of that, because it's more personal. There's a lot of electric and a lot of acoustic and big drums and small moments. We're kind of a variety show in that way. But it's real cohesive.

"So see it's hard to describe: 'It's really cohesive, but it's really dynamic, but it's really hard, but it's really soft.' I guess you have to hear it."

Unfortunately, the band isn't ready to play the new material live, so Tucson won't hear any of it on Sunday, when Heart will play at the Desert Diamond Casino to make up for a canceled October date. The band had to bail out when most of its members came down with the flu.

"That was the H1N1 - the biggie," she says. "We've played a lot of times when we were really sick, but that was a little bigger than we could handle."

The new album is the latest chapter in the four-decade story of the trailblazing rockers. The sisters helped pave the way for other female rockers with a string of hits such as "Magic Man," "What About Love," "These Dreams," "Straight On," "Barracuda" and "The Woman in Me."

In their 1970s and '80s heyday, they sold out arenas worldwide on the strength of critically acclaimed albums, starting with their 1976 debut, "Dreamboat Annie."

In the mid-1990s, the sisters took a break to raise families - both have two children - and to pursue other projects.

Ann, 59, released a solo album, "Hope & Glory," in 2007.

Nancy worked on the soundtracks for several movies of her husband, Cameron Crowe, including "Almost Famous," "Jerry Maguire" and "Vanilla Sky."

The two returned to touring in 2002, reuniting with longtime fans and introducing themselves to new audiences.

"In the last three or four years, more and more very young kids are showing up, and they are just muscling their way to the front row. It's been fantastic," Nancy Wilson says, adding that the band's resurgence is courtesy of the video game "Guitar Hero," TV's "American Idol" and the country's fascination with the 1980s. "The kids know the music. They know our songs."

Even Wilson's twin sons, who turned 10 last Saturday, are fans. On the road with mom, "they just get their feathers fluffed up. 'Oh, mom. You rock, mom!'

"It's just so great to be 'cool,' at least for a while - until the morning of their 13th birthday," she jokes.

Ask her what is left to do in a career studded with so many milestones and merit, and Wilson becomes even more philosophical.

"Everything's left to do," she says, sounding every bit a rocker on the rise.

Ann, Nancy & Heart Icons!

Here are some Ann, Nancy and Heart icons I made recently. :)

[20] Ann Wilson
[35] Nancy Wilson
[5] Ann & Nancy
[20] Lady Gaga



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